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Share with every member your literature favorites and your own. Every and all is welcome, so put some up and shine some light on it!! Everything is welcome! Your best and your worst work is welcome! Your worst work is only your best in disguise! Come hide in literature with us!!
Founded 3 Years ago
Jun 12, 2014


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153 Members
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Welcome to LiteratureHideout!

I am proud to say that this group can be considered a major writing group on DeviantART. We have 120+ members, and a thousand+ of submissions. Rules are simple: post things to the correct folders, be kind and respectful to everybody, and enjoy some literature. We accept all kinds of literature, from fanfiction to poetry. Just look through the gallery, and you'll see there are many types of works. Some poets of the group submit nearly every day, so don't worry about finding new stuff being a problem.

Managing the group can become difficult, but we do our best to have contests, features, and more! Please enjoy your time here!

Have questions? Note the group, or leave a comment! You can also note GlitteringStars, or any other admin, if you'd prefer. Some of your questions may have been answered in journals, so take a look through those!

Thank you for visiting the LiteratureHideout homepage.

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What Is Truth
For our words are only said
But our actions show the truth
For the left is light
With right as might
And everything
Is the nothing
We all come to love
:iconjetg951415:jetg951415 1 0
Of The Night
Oh how obscure things become
In the the clarity of night
And how clear things become
From its obscurity
:iconjetg951415:jetg951415 1 0
It's Okay To Cry
I tried to contact you
I care about you
I was alone
With no on to talk to with the screaming and torrent of little kids pounding against my skull
I wanted to talk to you, but my want was not appeased
I cried that night, for I was in a dark place that I had never met with before
I couldn't battle it alone
Solitude can be a dark place
The next day the same thing happened
I was isolated
The want came again
No satisfaction
My aunt saw me this time
She saw it roll down my cheek
She asked the infamous "what's wrong?"
I told her
Her reply did not change me
But the the small drizzle turned into a flood of tears
I ran to the bed and shoved my face in the covers as my eyeliner smeared
All I wanted was an intelligent conversation
With someone other than an adult
I wanted to talk
I had stayed strong for too long
Hiding how I really feel
I finally broke
Johnny Depp once said "People cry, not because they are weak. It's because they've been strong for too long. "
It's okay to cry.
:iconalwaysescaping:alwaysescaping 3 4
Silver Sea of Destiny
Silver Sea of Destiny  1/26/15
So I wished to take her away from those golden fields.
And bring her to the silver sea of destiny.
Would she let me comfort her?
Would she allow me to dry her tears?
She reluctantly agreed to my heartfelt plea.
And I whisked her away hoping to keep her pain at bay.
We arrived on the shore and the silver moon was smiling.
I knew deep down this would not be easy.
But nothing worthwhile ever is.
I embraced her tightly for I had no words.
Her will was broken and her golden hair was in shambles.
How could I fix what the world had done?
How could I erase the damage incurred?
So we sat on the beach and watched the ocean.
And we talked of the past and the hurt that transpired.
I held her hand and prayed for relief.
She opened up and the floodgates appeared.
I took my chance and showed my heart.
I could not stand by and watch her suffer,
I knew this place healed many before.
Would it be enough to be her cure?
The rising sun was ever closer.
I listened intentl
:iconshep4life:shep4life 45 95
As above so below.
So is the macrocosm, in the microcosm,
In the condemning indoctrination,
Does the enlightening allocution reside.
In hate does Love lay,
In the end does hope ring loudest.
By and down the river does the piper journey.
And in the eyes of the sinner, does the saint live.
Remember me,
When my name lays etched in the gates of heaven.
:icondeath-of-eros:Death-of-Eros 0 0
Feast Of Grasses
Feast Of Grasses
by Tricia Pattinson

Thy sickle gathers all that we may feast upon
But nothing of a freshly winnowed star does by grace be present
For however deeply we harvest life with partaking pleasure
The feast is only of the grasses reached and deemed acceptable
So lay the table well, with all the bounty of conformity looking down as always
:iconladypleiades:LadyPleiades 3 0
Sou uma sombra
De mim mesmo
Um fantasma etéreo
Do meu verdadeiro eu
Um destino que eu aceitei
Pois não tenho escolha
:iconghostoftheemptygrave:GhostOfTheEmptyGrave 14 18
painting my red rose
yellow so you don't have to
see my agony.
:iconstarlightt1234:starlightt1234 32 30
Funny Poem
Roses are red
violets are blue
sugar is sweet
and so are you
but the roses
are wilting
the violets
are dead
the sugar bowls
and so is
your head
:icondeazea:Deazea 769 122
Being afraid to speak
The unpleasantries of past events
Were driven by the voices of contempt
Leaving me breathless
To that effect, I was left senseless
And when I laid under the covers
As I tried to warm myself from the cold stares
I shivered, as my skin turned white
By the solace of silence
But, as I overcame their sadness
I learned to embrace the cold
Until I was able to give warmth to others
:icongentlepeace:GentlePeace 36 15
what love is not.
it was a s l o p p y first kiss where
my drunk lips fumbled against yours.
the dull thwack of my heart,
locked behind curved ribs
cleared my groggy brain, 
clouded with lustful premonitions.
it was an e l e c t r i f y i n g first kiss where
you entwined your hands in my hair.
your mouth encompassed mine and
my breath became lost in the steady
of your chest.
it was a s h y first kiss where
i pulled away before you could explore.
your tongue grazed my teeth, 
searching for a way past the ivory gates.
i dug my finger into the stubble along your jaw,
my nail lulling your carnal desires.
it was my first kiss with you.
:iconamour-raven:amour-raven 234 174
Broken Heartbeat
You seem to break my heart beat into shorter syllables,
like every time I touch you,
It just gets
                 /\    /\        /\    /\    /\          /\           /  \    /\      /\    /i        r\  
________/  \  /  \  __/  \  /  \  /  \  ___/  \   /\    /    \ m  \   s  \  /  \      /  \_______l i k e__I 'm__g a s p i n g__f o r__a i r_________
:iconmilk-and-pie:Milk-and-Pie 358 108
It Never Happened
Have you ever stood
In the rain
And let it pour
Upon your skin
And imagined
It washing away
All of your pain
And all of your suffering
And cleansing your heart
And your mind
And creating you new
As if the past
And the troubles it contained 
Never happened?
:icondespicableme1:DespicableMe1 27 27
Simple Songs
Meandering Details
Tapering Tangents
Milking the Moment
When I feel happy
And content
When I am so loved
And smiles
Seem to melt onto
My face
Seem to Keep it there
And Sighs
Music in my ears
Dancing in my toes
People on my mind
Words rushin' by me
What a lovely memory
:iconwolfcraz-11:wolfcraz-11 2 4
When a river becomes dry
When an angel falls from the sky
When humanity sang her last song
When the shadows of wolves find a place to belong
When diamonds are no longer in the rough
When hearts breaking means no more break up
When silence has fell upon the dark sky
When Angels and Demons reach up to fly high
When a sunset of flurry pink and passion
When realizing life is more to give and take
Instead of realizing our mistakes..
then can we be happy?
:iconpyroshadow18:PyroShadow18 1 0


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I'm so sorry guys! I've unfortunately failed in school for the previous two years, and now I'm actually attempting to get good grades, which has eaten up my free time so much. I don't have much time for DeviantART. And anyway, my dad took my tablet- the one way I can get online in the day. I really do apologize, though I hope you guys are having a great time. Feel free to post NaPoWriMo poems here ;) As soon as I get my tablet back (about five weeks), I'll make sure to make the LiteratureHideout experience more fun and enjoyable. :) Bye!


(Note to admins: You can start contests as long as it's appropriate. I'm sure some members here would like contests.)
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